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Lice FAQs Las Vegas
Lice Happens is the premier professional mobile head lice to removal service in the greater Las Vegas metro area, founded by a Registered Nurse. Our proven, straightforward treatment process does not include gimmicky gadgets or messy oils that turn a head lice treatment into an unpleasant experience. In Las Vegas, we serve Summerlin, Peccole Ranch, Spanish Trails, Spanish Hills, The Lakes, Rhodes Ranch, Southern, Highlands, Canyon Gate, Red Rock Country Club, Spring Valley, Paradise Valley and Silverado Ranch. In Henderson, we serve Anthem, Anthem Highlands, Anthem Country Club, Seven Hills, Green Valley, Green Valley Ranch, MacDonald Ranch and Lake Las Vegas. In the surrounding areas, we serve Boulder City and Laughlin. For effective and safe lice removal and treatment, call us today @ 702-800-9676!

About Lice Happens

It’s happened.  You’ve received the dreaded call or the note home from the school nurse that your child has head lice.  You may be wondering what the next step is, what to do, or where to turn.  Do not panic.  Lice Happens is here to help you during this stressful time.  We understand how upsetting this kind of diagnosis can be, but it doesn’t have to affect your life for long.  We’re a professional lice removal and treatment clinic that will come to your home and effectively remedy your lice problem after just one visit.  We are honored to help families living in the Las Vegas, Nevada area find peace and get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible.

Our company was founded by a registered nurse and a quality assurance professional.  Many of our lice treatment specialists have worked in schools prior to joining the Lice Happens team.  Though our backgrounds are vast, our passion for helping families brought all of us together to create and operate Lice Happens.  All of our specialists go through extensive training to learn all about lice and how to properly and safely treat for them.  Our specialists are experienced at treating young children and employ soothing methods to calm kids during the treatment process, which makes everyone more comfortable and relaxed.

When we arrive at your home, we will be in a logo-free vehicle which helps to ensure your privacy.  All of our services are 100% confidential.  We take great pride in being invited into your home and our specialists will respect your privacy.  You and your family will be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.  Our mobile lice clinic comes with everything we need to solve your lice problem.

The specialist will thoroughly screen each member of your household to identify those suffering from head lice.  Nobody is immune to catching lice, but some people don’t display the common symptoms of having head lice.  This important step helps to make sure that we’ll end the life cycle of lice in your home by the time we leave.

Our treatments are 100% safe and effective.  They are made with natural ingredients that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and pesticide free.  They have no side effects, are safe for all ages, and will not harm the skin.  We use fine toothed metal lice combs to remove lice eggs (nits), young lice (nymphs), and lice from the hair and scalp.  During this process we will also teach you the proper way to use a lice comb for follow up care in the days after the initial treatment.

Our services are salon quality without you having to leave the comfort and privacy of home.  When we’re finished with treatments, hair will be left looking shiny and smooth and will feel clean and soft to the touch.

While providing treatments, the specialist will answer and address all of your questions and concerns regarding head lice.  We take the time to educate families on myths vs. facts that surround head lice, who gets them, how they spread, what they are, how to treat for them, home care, and many other topics.  Our experts will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to prevent lice infestations from happening to your family again.  Should your child become infected in the future from a different source, you’ll have the tools and practical skills to tackle the lice problem head on.  We believe that knowledge is power and we never want you to feel panicked over head lice again.

Lice Happens Las Vegas serves the following areas: Summerlin, Peccole Ranch, Spanish Trails, Spanish Hills, The Lakes, Rhodes Ranch, Southern Highlands, Canyon Gate, Red Rock Country Club, Spring Valley, Paradise Valley, and Silverado Ranch.

In Henderson we serve: Anthem, Anthem Highlands, Anthem Country Club, Seven Hills, Green Valley, Green Valley Ranch, MacDonald Ranch, and Lake Las Vegas.

In the surrounding areas we cover Boulder City and Laughlin.

We are proud to serve families in the community in which we live.  Las Vegas is a great place to raise a family.  There is always something fun to do here.  Las Vegas is known internationally as a major resort city with gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife.  Las Vegas is also the main hub for everything financial, commercial, and cultural in Southern Nevada.  Las Vegas is the 29th most populated city in the United States and home to many families.  The first major sports team is due to arrive in 2017 and is a National Hockey League team.  Las Vegas is home to several museums, galleries, and theaters.  There are plenty of parks, pools, community centers, dog parks, and golf courses to enjoy here as well.  Families living in Las Vegas should be out exploring everything this great family-oriented city has to offer, not cooped up at home handling a lice problem for longer than is necessary.

Craig and Michelle Lohrli own and operate Lice Happens Las Vegas.  They are locals to the area and Michelle says, “they want to turn an otherwise stressful situation into a positive experience. What’s the most important part of being a Lice Specialist? Michelle says that it is being able to bring calm and normalcy to families whose daily lives are disrupted with the often time-consuming battle with head lice, and providing them the knowledge and tools to turn the tables on these bugs once and for all.”

Lice Happens is available for same day, emergency lice treatment and removal services as well as by appointment.  To reach Lice Happens Las Vegas, contact Michelle or Craig at (702) 800-9676.  There is no need to panic if your child is sent home with a lice diagnosis.  We will never take advantage of you, your wallet, or your frazzled state-of-mind.  Lice Happens is here to help you and your family get back to normal in no time.